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September 21, 2007


Steve Pfleghaar

Hi Mark,

Steve Pfleghaar up here in Elk River, MN. We met at the WV Weekend and then I got to see this past summer at Northwestern. Ok enough of that it does not matter anyhow.

Question 1: I got my new Wide Margin ESV and I do love it however it did not take me long and I had to start glueing the binder together on the corners. I thought I would email the people at ESV but I know how they are down there and they would probably just tell me to return it (they are great people). However the point is Wide Margin=notes=time. So like No I do not want another bible and I do not want to transfer more notes that have been ground out over the last 25 years. Just charge me extra and build me a cover...

Question 2: Tery and I love doing inductive bible study. We have been using Kay Arthur's stuff and they print out the portions of scripture in the back in wide margin big font with lots of spacing. Great for notes. Do you know how long it will be until ESV does something like this. Also what am allowed to do if I print out some of my own portions?

Question no. 3: Are you doing well?

Steve Pfleghaar

J. Mark Bertrand

Great to hear from you, Steve. All is well in South Dakota. I can understand your frustration re: the unraveling cover. My wife's in a similar situation with her laptop -- the case has a crack, but she can't send it for repair because the thing is in constant use. This is why I haven't "committed" to another wide margin recently. I've been using the Journaling Bible until I find something that looks like it will stand up to heavy use. One option, of course, is to have the wide margin rebound before use -- too late in your case, of course.

I'm not sure what is and isn't allowed re: printing out the ESV text, but my guess is they're pretty reasonable about it. One thing you might consider, if you're handy, is emulating one of the Blank Bible projects indexed over at the Shepherd's Scrapbook site (there's a link at right, under "Rebinding Links").


I have been on the search for the "perfect" bible to bring along, I have my eyes on a sword , the cambridge wide margin KJV in Goatskin...but i also need a "dagger" in portable format, i always want a bible with me. Now i have been looking at the Allan site and i wonder if anyone seen one of these ?

Oxford Reference Ruby Edition Highland goatskin, lined inside in dark blue leather, full yapp edges. It measures 4 1/4 x 5 3/4 i thought this was good for a bible With concordance, subject index and dictionary of proper names and maps.
It sounds very lovely


benjamin adusei poku

Dear my christian friend,
i am with much pleasure to write you this letter how are you? i hope grace of our almigthy God you are fine as i am please firstly let as give the thanks to the lord who has protect this year. And please the main aim for writing you this letter is that i am a member of church of village ministries. and now we are coming to do a crusade and please we dont have any christian materials which will share amoung those who will be vissited to the crusade so please we begging you on our kneels that please kindly send us a box of bibles and i hope the almighty God will bless you and your church .goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life . i will end my massage hear byeeeeeee
hope to hear from you
waiting for your reply.
P.O.BOX SE 385


Brother Benjamin Adusei Opoku,

Greetings brother!

Why don't you send me an emial & we can talk about the needs of your crusade in private, you can contact me via [email protected]

Rachel Braithwaite


I love small bibles too but I am looking for a compact parallel bible, any two versions apart from The Message. Does such a bible exist, I have been looking for a while but I have been unable to find anything.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Have you heard about THIS?

ESV / HCSB Parallel Pocket Bible.

Features: 2007 ESV text along side the 2009 HCSB text
# Coming: February 1, 2010
# Genuine Leather: 2288 pages
# Binding: Sewn
# Language: English
# Product Dimensions: 7.3 x 5.3 x 2.4 inches
# Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

Neither have I - because I'm not actually being serious - but hoping that someone reads this posts and does SOMETHING to make this happen!

But seriously...
I wanted to ask you Mark if such would be feasible for a publisher to do in terms of the physical dimensions, font size, binding? After all they do have a 4-translation brick that includes these two translations??

P.S. - I based these dimensions off this product: HCSB Graduate's Bible, which is very compact, but unfortunately NOT a parallel bible (it's also a paperback)

What are Crossway and B&H waiting for??? Hopefully someone there is reading your blog and this post in particular :-)

Kenneth Rodriguez

29 Sept 2010 WHERE DO YOU GO FOR HELP? To Whom It May Concern, my name is Kenneth Rodriguez and I am inquiring as to how to obtain FREE Spanish KJV or NIV New Testament Bibles. We are a small church here in the Panhandle of Florida that has on going missions to Mexico and Haiti, we also handle and distribute locally, the USDA free Food Bank Distribution for the indigent and needy. We are a church that wants to make a difference locally and even in other countries! I am inquiring as how to obtain FREE copies of the NEW TESTAMENT BIBLE in the SPANISH LANGUAGE. Our mission is to bring the unsaved to the Lord Jesus Christ when we go to these other countries. In doing so we would like to have resources, especially a copy of a New Testament in Spanish, to help reinforce their newly acquired salvation with Jesus! Our next Mission Trip to Mexico is set for early February 2011 and we NEED the Spanish New Testament Bibles on hand before that date to take with us. It would be such a blessing for those newly saved converts to be able to have a copy of the Word of God in their hand once we have to leave, as to have a way to be able to grow and continue their walk with God. We have been able to take pamphlets with us but that just is not enough for them!. On our return trips, the children and even adults, previously led to the lord have their tattered, worn pamphlets in their hands, just CRAVING MORE of the Word of God! SO PLEASE, PLEASE help us with this request as soon as possible. We are estimating the necessity of 500 to 800 possibly even 1000 Bibles needed for this mission trip. One thousand contacts with Bibles in hand to pass out is our goal this trip. If there is anything else you require to know from us just let me know and I would gladly respond. I know you all must be very busy, but this matter is just so absolutely important to us all here! Thank you so very much for listening to my request and may God place it on your hearts to help us out! PLEASE HELP US TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL! Amen Amen Amen

Chris Bloom

Kenneth --

Email me: lcbloom at hotmail dot com.


Does anyone know if Allan's Oxford Ruby Text Edition in Black Imitation Leather has a sewn binding?

I would appreciate any information! Thanks!

John S

Rob, I would email Allans and ask. They'll get back to you quickly.

FYI: there is one on Ebay right now for $24.99. Don't buy it if you were looking at it. It costs about $8 direct from Allan.


Thanks for the information, John! I will send them an email.

If anyone has additional information on this Allan Bible, please let me know.


I'm looking for tiny Bibles (complete NT in one edition, and complete OT in another edition), around the size 2x3 inches or smaller! I've seen them many years ago, but cannot find one anywhere ...

If you have any helpful information, please contact me: <...vja 4 him at vj and re ws dot com...>>

Thanks and god bless.

-- Jim


Just wondering were can I but The little Oxford bible? looks very nice and portable.




used copies at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/0191124761/
and a leather one in the box if you're rich: http://www.amazon.com/The-Little-Oxford-Bible-KJV/dp/0191101478

LCBP is a good place to get new releases of old Oxford KJV settings but they don't seem to carry this one.
If you're patient, you'll probably find one of these on eBay eventually.


Bill thank you for the help. But I found out that The little Oxford bible has been discontinued.

Chris Bando

I am looking for an ESV small bible with just the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs and with all verses on single lines. It is much easier to preach from and take notes from a single line verse bible. Is there a version out there like this? I would love it to be in high quality leather of some kind. Is it possible to order a bible the way you'd like it?


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