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September 21, 2007


Anthony Miller

I have this edition myself, purchased recently from Tolle Lege during their ongoing sale. I also have the 1560 reprint in original typestyle and middle/early English wording. The Tolle Lege edition has modern spellings but they tried to keep the exact words and sentance structure whenever possible.
I have found these early bible texts to be very interesting to read especially once one reads the forwards and understands the events of the world at that time. While I have always favored the KJV I have greatly enjoyed reading example of what were the first English translations of Gods word from the original scriptures.
At the current bargain prices one of these really makes a nice addition no matter what translation you currently use.
I am also struggling through an original spelling (middle English), modern typeset edition on Wycliffes 1385 translations from the Latin Vulgate. While not my favorite source it too is interesting considering there was no English bible at that time at all so even a translation from another translation was significant.

Robert Lombardi

Westminster has the Tolle Legge edition with a different binding. Anyone seen the quality of it?

Robert Lombardi

Oops, that's Monergism books. I'm getting my bookstores mixed up.


This is being republished and will be available to buy as of 02/28/2012. Hopefully they've fixed some issues and complaints.


I just saw they have a Errata Report that list all the complaints/errors sent to the publisher. I just saw it after twenty times of being on their website lol.

You can find it here:


This Bible was NOT the original study Bible. The Glossa Ordinaria was. The Geneva Bible pales in comparison.

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