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September 21, 2007




You may know this already, but on the new editions (including the newest original black ones), the type size has been increased from 7.5 to 7.7 and the ruled lines have been reduced (it is now double-spaced). In order to make room for the larger font, they reduced the top and bottom page margin, to the point where there is almost zero margin left. The new font is a lot easier to read, to me anyway. The individual letters on this font look thinner, coupled with their larger size and double-spaced lines give the appearance of a lot more "white-space." I have been able to confirm the new layout on all of the editions except the original black calfskin binding.


PS The page numbers are the same as the original format.

J. Mark Bertrand

I haven't seen this updated version yet, Dave, but I'm glad to hear about it. I'm hoping the Pocket Reference will eventually find its way to the Journaling format.


Is there anyway to confirm the new format when buying the journaling bible? (i.e. ISBN # )SO far every bible I have seen has been the 7.5 font with the tighter lines, and I am concerned that if I buy off of ammazon I will get the old edition rather than the newer. maybe I will have to go through crossway.

Fr. Matthew

One project I've taken to with my ESV Journaling Bible is to make it a "do it yourself" ESV Daily Reading Bible. Using the "read the Bible in one year" charts in the back of the ESV Journaling Bible, I've been writing the reading of the day in the margins next to the appropriate chapter headings.

Also, for all of you Book of Common Prayer fans, I've also been marking in Psalms the daily Psalms for Morning and Evening Prayer in the margins. (In the Anglican Common Prayer tradition, the Psalms are divided up so that the entire Psalter can be read over the course of one month.

David Willis

I can't find any info on the changes mentioned by Dave above. Anyone know anything else?


Love the format, but the binding falls apart in less than one year with daily use.

H. Jim Keener

Does the ESV journaling Bible have a sewn or glued binding?

rebekah kessler

my husband got me this for christmas and i love it. but what kind of pen should i use? i dont want to it or smear... thanks, bekah

Mike Smith

Rebekah go Bible features up above on the right side collumn and go to writing and highliting your Bible. There is a lot of info to help.

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