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October 01, 2007


Scott Sackett

Mark, I think you are 100% right about the page design being an overlooked factor. While I'm not sold on a single column design. A well laid-out design in a modern font goes a long ways. Also, don't forget a nice dark printing.

Something I've noticed is some Bibles have a 'cadence'. That is, the combination of type size, page size and paragraph breaks break the blocks of text into nice-sized solid chunks.

My favorite Bible to read (which is the whole point) is a $14 Zondervan NASB thinline paperback. When I open it, it is inviting to read, the text isn't too small and I don't feel either lost in a sea of words or like I'm reading a grocery list!

David Dewey

This edition is - or was - available from Allan's of Glasgow. And I think it is their own special binding. Check the link:

They also sell a pocket TNIV w/o references in their own binding in several colours:

J. Mark Bertrand

I don't know how I overlooked the Allan's edition of the Pocket Reference NIV, David. My wife won't thank you for calling it to my attention.

Clay Knick

I rather like the orange one.


I currently use this one
New International Version Bible available from the American Bible Society www.bibles.org


I had been looking for the perfect Bible (leather, pocket ref, Anglicised text) and after finding it and reading this review I saved all year and finally bought it.

Unfortunately, I've been disappointed. Two of the pages are slightly smaller than all the other pages (Ps 22 and Gal 5). I exchanged the Bible, only to find that the replacement had the same problem.

Did you find this problem with your copy? Is there some reason that this happens?


I hadn't noticed it before, pipeski, but yes, mine does. How odd. I have no idea what causes something like that, but frankly, it's not something I would let interfere with my enjoyment of the edition. It's a superb little Bible.

David from Ireland

I just got the Calfskin Russet in this and it has no problems in Psalm 22 and Galatians 5 as mentioned.

I must say it is a delightful bible and although I'm not too keen on the NIV, I just had to get this one as my only NIV copy for reference and verse comparison.

Happy Christmas to everyone here and may we remember the Savior above all else at this joyous time of year!


Okay, so I got the New Cambridge Bible, but there is one thing I don't understand. Since the parapraphs aren't indented, and are instead marked by a blank line, how can I tell at the end of a page if a new paragraph has started or not?


I have the same issue with Galatians 5 and Psalm 22. Glad I saw it here first. I would have been really disappointed. As it is, it's a really cool bible. I wish it came in ESV or NASB.


can anyone help please? I am after a very exclusive bible and have found this company:
http://www.leatherbibles.com and I am after http://www.leatherbibles.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=LTHRBIBLE&Product_Code=0310935903&Category_Code=1025

I am after a very thin NIV, red letter with a good quality print + paper as I want this bible for a long time, I am one of those people that buys just ones and once only but I will spend the money to get the best that money can buy - I am new to the bible and need some serious help in finding an exclusive modern bible.

I am available on 0044 0 7803959116 and would love to hear from anyone that is out there who could help me, I am speaking to Jennifer at leatherbibles.com and she is very helpful as she initially was not going to ship oversea but when I spoke to her she decided to for me.

God Bless and hoep to speak to someone very soon.



This Bible sounds like just what I'm looking for.
One question: is this Bible red letter or black letter?
thanks for your time.


Per http://www.cambridge.org/uk/bibles/niv/
the Pitt Minion is red-letter but the Pocket is not.
I believe that applies to the out-of-print red bindings of the Pocket as well.
The gorgeous, easy-to-read single-column NIV editions that Cambridge produces are black-letter as well.
Hope this helps.


It is black letter. I love this bible. I wish it came in ESV. I'd probably buy two of those.

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