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January 22, 2008



Go Nelson Signature Series!!!!


I was taking a closer look at my Signature collection the other night. The two Slimline editions (NKJV and KJV as reviewed above), and the pocket companion version are all quite comparable to one another. The pocket version being a bit more cramped, and slightly smaller font size, but very similar in all respects to the Slimlines.

The older NKJV reference edition, however, has always surprised me with the opacity of the pages, there is almost no discernable bleedthrough whatsoever. What I found was that the three other editions were printed in Belgium, and the reference edition was printed here in the USA.

The reference edition I was simply lucky to get. It was my first quality binding Bible purchase, and I more or less just ordered it up on a whim as a closeout from LeatherBibles.

Beginners luck, I suppose.

Thanks for the review, Mark.

And P.S.- Mark, you have cost me some more money as well! Not only from the temptations of this Bible design blog, but upon further perusal, I came across your article about wet shaving, and have now purchased various beast-hair brush, razors, shave accouterments..the whole catastrophe.


If you let the ribbons hang out of the sides instead of the bottom, even the shortest ones will work at the end of the bible. It is even more pratical in use because ribbons protruding from the side can open a book much more easily compared to a ribbon protruding from the bottom.

Greetings from Germany, this is my first comment here although I have read the blog quite a while now.


Looks like a nice bible :)

I just received some days ago my KJV wide margin goatskin, and it is wonderful and i had no idea what "limp" was until i got this, even as i have "nice" bibles. This one is a artwork. I asked R.L Allan if they did re-bindings, but it was not them who did the actual binding, so they would get in touch with their binder and let me know, I have an old Swedish version id like to re-bind.... that highland goatskin seem nice :) but maybe the price will be to much for my economy. But it will be interesting to see.

And this blog inspired me to review my bible for the Swedish people :P
on my blog http://densmalavagen.webblogg.se/1200685379_cambridge_wide_margin.html

And Mark! when will we get to see your stack(s)?


Yes Mark, you are expensive.

I have a Cambridge Pitt Minion NASB and a Nelson Signature KJV Pocket Companion in the mail right now. I will send a picture of my Bible stack once they arrive.

Wet shaving? I have been using a 1956 Gillette Super-Speed with a badger brush and Col. Conk Bay Rum soap for years.


"It's greatest strength is its greatest weakness in my eyes -- that matte-black calfskin. I love the way it feels, but not the way it looks. The fact that this dull-finished stuff has become the *sine qua non* of luxury today is a disappointment. It has a rustic, casual air, and from what I've seen over time, it doesn't develop a patina so much as it simply *dulls*."

Fascinating. I had just the opposite reaction when I got my calfskin NASB, and now that I think about it, I believe it was because I've come to associate "shiny" with "cheap," since "cheap" is the only kind of "shiny" I have experience with.

charles hadden

Well, thanks alot guys. I was thinking of waiting for some far off day to get an allan bros. with the esv updated text but no someone had to mention the signature series. As I was looking around the web about that I discovered a NKJV Thompson Chain in the Signature Series. I have thought about getting a leather TCRB for awhile (have a hardback NIV). I managed to talk myself into ordering it from Amazon!!!!

Now for a couple other questions. What do you think of Kirkbride's binding on their TCRB? What about the various bindins on the NET Bible including their basic bonded and their deluxe leather??


I have a Kirkbride Thompson that I purchased some 20 years ago. The leather is OK, nothing more. It will be in my "Bible stack" picture.

I purchased a NET Compact Bible in "premium leather" and it is very poor bonded leather. I have handled better cardboard. This Bible didn't even have a ribbon, the verse number scheme is terrible, and I won't be purchasing anything else from them.


Hi ... just found your blog. Thanks for all the great information and references to reliable book binders.
Question I want to get a new Thompson Chain Reference and was wondering about the Signature Series... have you reviewed the Thompson specifically vs the new Nelson Study Bible.
Also, would it be better to take a Thompson Chain Hardback and send it to a book binder to gain a high quality binding, etc.

Pastor Ron Parish

I own a Nelson Signature Series KJV Reference Bible, which was purchased in June of 2003. I only use this bible for special occasions. It has center-column references, too.

A problem has only recently developed, and I'm in a dilemma regarding the issue. Some of the pages are beginning to tear out, and that's not good. The problem is Nelson no longer makes this particular bible. My eyes have a lot of trouble with the new crop of Signature Series; the fonts are too small. I believe my bible has 11 or 11.5 point fonts, and is quite readable, whereas the UltraSlim is set at 8 points (big difference to me).

Does anyone know where I might purchase another bible like the one I have. I do believe the ISBN is 2009. Thanks.

In Christ,

Pastor Ron

Pastor Ron Parish

An update to my last post is in order. First of all, I really don't know what the ISBN is; the reference number given before comes from customer service at Nelson Publishing. One more thing, I really don't believe my bible to be printed with an 11 point font. It is more likely 9 or 9.5 point, but there was nothing in the box indicating the size.

I sent my Signature Series to Eric at Leonard's Book Restoration for repair. It seems Nelson's missed a signature (page grouping) when the bible was sewn. I can hardly wait to see the results.

Pastor Ron

Pastor Ron Parish

My Nelson Signature Series Reference Bible came in the mail yesterday, and I must say, Eric at Leonard's Book Restoration did a wonderful job fixing the problem. What he told me is that when the Bible was bound, a signature was partially missed, resulting in the problem I had.

He carefully fixed the issue, and even included a third ribbon bookmark, matching the other two. My question is, "how have I managed all the years I've been using my Bibles without three markers?" That should be standard equipment, IMHO.

Thanks, Mark, for providing rebinding links as part of your incredible site.

Pastor Ron


Anyone know where I can get a reference version of the KJV Signature series - even secondhand - I live in the UK but I would consider buying anywhere.



Peter Paul Banzon

I own two NKJV pocket bibles, a British Tan bonded leather ( i know you hate attaching the word bonded to the word leather) edition with slide tab and a Black and Tan Royal soft edition. These two bibles have served me well and I can take them everywhere and subject them to the elements without feeling guilty. The Royal Soft edition is my favorite though it seems well constructed, it lays flat and the feel of the synthetic material is indeed one of soft leather. Now why did I have to get the signature series pocket bible? Mark, your review of the KJV slim line signature bible caused a eureka moment for me and I decided to have the top of the line bible in these line of NKJV Pocket bibles. When I opened the box and unwrapped the white covering paper, I was amazed at the softness and suppleness of the black calf leather binding. It felt right and smelled right.Having in my possession the top of the line editions of Cambridge bibles and Allan's bibles i thought i would never be impressed by a bible produced by Thomas Nelson. However I think Nelson finally outdid itself with the signature series. I was tired, really tired of nelson bibles falling apart because of poor binding and all that paste and glue ensemble which i endured early on in my life of faith and ministry. (Then I discovered Cambridge and years later, the glorious ones at Allan's) But this signature Pocket edition may well live up to its claim to be an heirloom. It is smythe sewn and lays flat, although this edition may need a little more break-in to really do a flat split because of the thick endleaves on both ends of the bible. If the paper used was an notch higher, this Pocket bible would be comparable to the slimline edition. This bible I now use when I want to read the scriptures in a pocket size edition with the added bonus of putting on soft calfskin leather gloves.

Ron Parish

I just got home from Campmeeting a few days ago with a couple of new Bibles: a Cambridge text-only in French Morocco, and a Signature Series in the NCV. I never read the NCV before last week, and after sitting down with it for a short period of time, I've come to the conclusion it's definitely not my favorite version.

Now, on to the Signature Series Bible. After seeing the quality of my older Signature Series Reference Edition, I am somewhat disappointed in this new one. It was printed in China instead of the States. It just has the feel of "cheap" about it. Now, the price was so good, there was no way to pass it up. Actually, I got both Bibles for $60.00.

"Holy Bible" on the spine is off-centered and not crisp at all. The paper has more bleed-through than should be allowed, and it doesn't seem to be the same quality as my other Signature Bible.

The cover and binding are wonderful, though. All in all, I can't really complain. I'll keep the Bible and possibly give it as a gift one day. I would even trade it for another brand new Signature Series if that were possible. Is there anyone who would like to trade for a Signature Series Personal Size Giant Print Reference Bible?

Pastor Ron


Those older Signature Series Reference editions are a rare breed, as well as being a breed apart!

They had the best paper opacity of ANY Bible I own.

I have the NKJV reference edition and there is nothing that I would trade it for!

I also have two of the newer slimlines (NKJV and KJV), and the pocket companion Bible. All of which are quite nice in their own right, but as has happened to you, once you've had the pleasure of owning the Reference edition, made in USA version, you are pretty much ruined for any other....

Brian McClurg

I've had three of these and all felt nice, looked nice and fell apart fast. So I give this Bible (For any KJV Bible Preacher) ten thumbs down.


i have a signature, and once i forgot it on top of my car, and while i going 70 on the highway, i saw it fly off my car. i pulled over and watched helplessly while it was run over repeatedly. i ran and retrieved it, and the pages were a little crumpled, and there was a small scratch on the leather, but besides that, it was fine.

Samual Stegall

I have been using a signature Series KJV Bible for several years now as my main preaching Bible. I love the feel of the calfskin and the font size is perfect for me to read behind the pulpit. I just bought my wife the pocket version for her birthday. I wish Nelson would extend the signature series to include a Thompson Chain Reference in KJV.

Chris Spenner

Anyone seen what appears to be a Nelson Signature Series (logo on side, not the name) bound in calfskin but two-tone black/red? It is NKJV "UltraSlim". I picked one up at a clearance store, but can't find any online that match the ISBN or even the box design. I have a photo, not sure how to share it here. I presume it is sewn, and that the cover really is calfskin, but the list price showed $59, and it was deeply discounted from there. That just seems really low for calfksin, if this truly is a sewn Signature Series.

mike smith

Chris I think I saw and compared the older version of the signature series with the one sam club was selling for around that price. It no comparison the older was calfskin this seemed a cheaper leather and the paper seemed thinner, and the quality was lacking. I would say call nelson pub and just asked. The older was $ 100.00 plus for the thinline.

Chris Spenner

Yeah, I called Nelson, and tried to explain what I was seeing, and the person on the phone really had no idea. And they could not match the ISBN.
Since then, I found it online at http://cdios.calvaryd.org/product_info.php?cPath=53_65&products_id=10741

The paper inside the box clearly calls it a Signature Series, and carries a lifetime warranty. THe binding is sewn. And at least the black section of the cover seems to be calfskin, though on the thin side. Maybe this is exclusive to this distributor, but something is missing to have a list price of $59.99.

Chris Spenner

Turns out, with confirmation now from Nelson, it was a special product made for a specific book seller, and it would normally retail for $129.99. Sewn bibding, cover, including the red, is calfskin. Version is NKJV. I know of two more out there for sale just down the street, $30 each, one in black/red and the other all black. If anyone is interested or wants one, I can pick it up and ship it domestically for what it costs to do so.


I'm trying my best to not yield to temptation. Would you be able to the Bibles a thorough "once-over" before you purchase them? Just to make sure there are no flaws in printing/binding. . .


Sure, I could do that. I can check on the return policy, too, and try to snap some photos of them for you before you commit to anything. The cover is stitched along with being glued to the liner, so that quality is there already. I can tell you in mine, I went through it page by page, running my finger inside the spine to "break it in", it's not completely as smooth a feel as in my Cambridge, but then I guess I might not expect it to be. Still, it was $30, and Nelson will back it for life, even if you have a problem down the road.


The lifetime warranty is wonderful -- the only problem is that their various editions have a short print run. If we do have a problem down the road, our replacement Bible might not resemble our original one.

Still, I'm a big fan of the NKJV. I love the footnotes, they give the variant readings, so I know what other modern verions say, but without using value statements like, "the oldest and best manuscripts omit. . ."

Ok, against advice from my wallet, I'd like to get one. Thanks for your willingness to share and help. Here's my email -- [email protected]

God bless. . .


Let me check over lunch today if they still have it. Black/red or just black?


Hey there, Chris. I hope you still have the bibles available for sale. if you do, id like to order one from you. I already have an NKJV but for 30 dollars at calfskin, its a great deal. Please e-mail me at [email protected] so that we could arrange something.


Am I too late to get in on this? If not I would love to get one of these. My email is [email protected]

Brian McClurg

The Calfskin used by the Signiture series is nice at first but over time it rips just like bonded leather and not to mention fall apart. I have a slim line Bible I will take pictures of that I read through 4 or 5 times then it fell apart and the leather tore. Far as I'm concerned they are junk, stay with R L Allan Bibles and Church Publishers.

H. Jim Keener

Thanks Mark! I have a calfskin NKJV from Thomas Nelson that's not from the Signature Series, but is of very fine quality. The best part is, I paid about $27 for it after shipping through a dealer on Amazon. Currently, new editions of it are going for a little over $30,before shipping, and it is worth alot more than that. The paper quality seems to be a bit inferior to the Sig. Series, based on your photos above, though--more bleed through, but not so much that you can't read. Other than that, though, I would say that it matches the Signature Series, and I would recommend that anyone looking for a fine ultraslim NKJV and interested in saving a buck look up the red and black calfskin ultraslim NKJV on Amazon.

Brian McClurg

I will Tell you all one more time. The nelson signature series is nice to the touch, but far as longevity it will split in no more than 2 years of continual use. Trust ME! Nelson is in for the CASH not for YOU! The Place to go for Bibles is www.localchurchbiblepublishers.com they have every thing you could imagine. From Cowhide to Calfskin, from Hand size wide margin to large print wide margin and much more. Oh did I mention they are a ministry so a Top Quality Calkskin is only $55.00. They dont make any profit. there are there for the Christian that WANTS a Bible to LAST A LIFETIME!

H Jim

Re: The Thomas Nelson Red/Black Ultraslim NKJV that Ben and Chris are talking about, I'm thinking of stocking up on these, as their easy to find for dirt cheap these days, for Christmas gifts. I was scared off a bit, though, when I saw a review on Amazon that claimed that they are all defective containing, among other things improperly spaced type setting (double spaced red letter text and overlapping black letter text). Can anyone verify or disprove this claim?

I actually had one for a short period but gave it away. I found no such misprinting in mine, but maybe I didn't catch it. Can anyone speak to this?

H. Jim Keener

Re: my two posts above about the Red/Black calfskin, if they seem redundant, it's b/c my "cookie" in my browser showed the old version of this page--before my comment, so I thought my first comment had been deleted! Sorry!

Dana Watson

I'm looking for a Nelson Signature Series Bible Slimline, British tan, printed in Belgium. Anyone know where I can find it? Thanks.


@Dana, do you have an ISBN? Amazing what you can Google up with an ISBN.

Dana Watson

Yes, but it won't show where the Bible printed. ISBN # will delineate version, color, and type (thinline, study), but not print. I found a retail store three hours from my house that said they have Belgium prints ($95). Also, a little Bible store that doesn't get a lot of business has them, because they never sold their original stock. But they want FULL retail($130 = tax). They are proud of them. Nelson has come down on the quality of these Bibles. The ones printed in Columbia do not have the soft cover, quality paper. I have a Columbia and there is a definite difference. More bleed through, more coarse cover.

Write me if you know of anything else: [email protected]

Mike Smith

Dana e-mail me [email protected] I have all the info mike smith and brand new open the other paper to see it is the one you seek. Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Dana my copy is NKJ Bible


Good luck, Dana. Yes, of course you're right; the ISBN doesn't change with successive printings although the paper quality certainly can. In fact, even within a given printing run, I imagine paper quality can change with a change of paper spools although I'd love to hear from someone in the industry as to how widespread or variable this is. It seems we occasionally hear from book-binders in this forum, but unfortunately never from printers.

You just don't see nice Bible paper any more. In fact, even the best now is nothing like what we got even just 25 years ago. Lately, I've only been harping on the transparency/opacity issue of modern Bible paper but the tactile qualities of paper counts for something too.

When counting money today after church, I commented, "today's US currency bills feel as good as ever but don't new Bibles have lousy paper?" No one else seemed to have noticed nor did they seem to much care. Which I think is why competitive Bible publishers aren't making much effort to give us better, as in more expensive, paper.

So Dana, if you can track one down you like, from Mike or a retail outlet, I'd go for it.

Dana Watson


Yes, I wish I could find one of those Bibles that were printed in the good ole days. :)

I worked with Mike and I have one of the older Nelson's on the way. Thanks Mike!



I have two of the ultra slim signature series bibles. I noticed that the newer one with the little house on the spine is printed in columbia and it is not near as soft as the one I got in 2007. The one I got in 2007 was printed in Belgium, and it is a lot better quality than the newer one. I called Nelson to see if they could tell me why, and they really couldn't tell me anything. Do you know why this is?

Thanks, Shana


I am planning to buy an ultraslim signature series KJV soon. I was saddened to read the reviews on the quality of the newer run of Bibles - does anyone have information on a shop that may still be selling the older edition? Perhaps I could phone an order in, as Google searches aren't turning anything up. I would be willing to pay retail price to a shop that would ship Belgium printed edition. Thanks in advance to anyone with any information.


Shana Brooks


I just received a new KJV ultraslim signature series Bible. It was replaced by one that wasn't good quality. This one was great! Much better than the other one. I would say go ahead and order it, and you can send it back to Nelson if you are not happy with it. Nelson was really great to work with me on replacing the other one :)



Thank you for sharing your experience Shana, I feel much more comfortable ordering now! I can't wait to have a high quality Bible... the ones on the shelves in the stores are just not terribly pleasant to read and study (maybe because they don't think we're ever actually going to open them?) Thanks again!

Barbara Reed

I've been looking for a small, but not too small, NKJV bible to carry to church and bible study. I've got a Cambridge Pitt that's very nice but the font is just too small to read for a long period of time. I stumbled across Mark's review of the Nelson Sig. Series and decided to try the Pocket Companion Bible. I was really afraid it would be the same problem as the Pitt, but not so. I have fallen in love with this little gem. It travels nicely and feels great in hand. The quality is tops and will probably last til Jesus comes. I got a real deal too, it lists for $100, but I bought it from a seller on Amazon for half that....really pays to shop around.
Hope you find just the right Bible for yourself. Blessings to you and yours.


Nice find, Barbara. That NKJV is also in paragraph format, instead of verse-by verse, which I greatly prefer. I'm not crazy about the red-letter, but it's hard finding Nelson NKJVs that aren't it seems.


Here is a Video I made explaining the Difference Between the Slimline and the Ultra slimline(NEWER)


I appreciate the video. It was a great help!

Brian R M

I found a gold mine of KJV Slimline Signature series Bibles (Printed in Belgium) they are 40% off so they come down to 78.00 Dollars give or take a Dollar.
If interested give me a response and I'll give you my email and get one for you. I'll only charge the at cost price for the Bible with receipt and cost of shipping.
I just want to be a blessing.

PS they are only in burgundy.

Brian R M

PS The Burgundy line in the first production (printed in Belgium)seems to have a much thicker leather than the Black. So the durability should be quite superior.

3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.


You should post a website. Why is there a need for a middleman?

Brian R M

Dear John, ........ LOL a DEAR JOHN LETTER LOL. OK back to serious. I found these Bibles in a bookstore and they have no website Brother. I just bought all 7 of them any how. So if any would like one let me know and I'll be more than happy to send you one at the at cost price. Otherwise in a few weeks I'm going to throw them on Ebay, But I'd rather just sell them to people on this blog.

In Christ,


Got it. It looks like a cool bible.


Does anyone know where I can purchase the Nelson Signature Series bible in black made in Belgium? I recently purchased the one made in Columbia but am not happy with the font size.



*** note: "Made in Colombia" edition ***

I have purchased the KJV Nelson Slimline Signature in black calfskin...

I own a few Bibles in different translations (neither one exceeding $25 price tag) so I saved up some money for "the one" Bible that I can have until I grow old...

... the reviews I got in many places (here including) were misleading... this is definitely NOT a $120+ quality... definitely NOT, NOT, NOT a timeless quality or good craftsmanship... and nowhere near "luxury".
To call this luxury is to profess ignorance about the meaning of the word.

* POOR quality paper! my Eastern European $10 bible has a better quality paper... crazy thin, and not in a good way...
* the cover *is* soft, but that's only the leather cover... the cover itself is wrapped around a cardboard-backed text which does NOT "spring open"... after 3 weeks of intense reading and breaking it in, it still does not "spring" open... it does "get" open, but after forcing it open, only for it to close after 2 sec by itself... and by forcing, I mean bending all the way to the back until the spine folds... though on the very middle it stays open.
* stuck pages (guilding)
* GLUEEEEE!!! the cardboard-backed text, though bound in individual units, is glued on a 2mm thick spine... which makes it about as springy, supple and easy to open as... wait... *not* as my $20 NRSV bible, which opens flat, and has a textbook-style binding.

I did not go for luxury, nor do I expect anything beyond good, sturdy craftsmanship on a Bible that ought to last 100+ years... and my comments are on that line.

I would be highly interested to see if the three horizontal ridges on the spine of this bible are ACTUAL ridges due to the binding process, or are they simply faked out, and something hard is simply glued on.
I have been trying to get a feel of it, and my general impression is negative...

I am reluctant to cut it, but if we could get Nelson to try it out, or in any way get a high-volume seller to check, that would be truly enlightening.

I hope I was not too harsh... but I would be interested to see if I am the only one having these problems, or perhaps my expectations are unrealistic.



I have a Nelson Signature ultraslim NKJV in the tan calfskin and it is not a high quality bible in the mold of an Allan or Cambridge. I paid less than $100 for it so it's not the end of the world, but I understand your angst on the issue.

I think if you really want a lifetime companion, you have to go with an Allan or a Cambridge. The Crossway Cordovans are nice as well, but i've noticed too many errors in craftsmanship from bible to bible with those to recommend them as a sure thing if you are ordering online. You need to be able to "eyeball" those in person before feeling great about the purchase. On the other hand, Crossway has a great return policy as well...so there's that in your favor at least.

Allan and Cambridge. Anything else is suspect in my opinion.



I would really like to get one of those bibles if you have any left. let me know :)

Nickolas Peter

I personally enjoy the dull look of the worn leather, and the two things that I want most when I'm reading the Scriptures are in this book: the ultra-flexible cover, and sewn pages. I really dislike having no margins, though, because in my opinion, its terribly annoying to have to move your fingers all the time. The wide-margin versions of some of the bibles I have come across are fine and dandy, but they're still not pleasing once you've heard of the Van De Graaf canon. If I were lucky, I'd be able to find someone who would print one using it, and stitch and bind it like one of these Nelsons.


There are a few of these on the marketplace, at least in the NKJV, that have at least 1 loose signature in the minor prophets. On mine, the Smyth sewing machine was just set too tight and it ripped through the pages in that signature. Just thumbing across the edges before laying it open, I knew something wasn't right.

Mine was described on eBay as both "new" and a "manufacturer's return" so I took a chance assuming it would have someone's name imprinted on the cover. I could tolerate the few instances of high-lighting in this "new" volume but the loose pages made me return it.

So if you see some of these going for $15-30, that could be the reason why.

I wasn't that impressed with the feel of the goatskin either, but it definitely smelled nice!


how can i date a Nelson teacher’s bible King James version. 6453X on India paper? it doesn't have a copyright, and the only date was handwritten in pencil inside the cover of 12-25-28. it was a christmas gift from a grandmother. it still has it's original box, there just aren't any dates on it either. please help me date this bible and if possible give me an estimate on its value.

aaron dodson

brian do you have anymore of those KJV Slimline Signature series Bibles (Printed in Belgium)?

Hardy Hay

Please help me find a good bound bible that I will not be frustrated the next year with it falling apart!
It is so maddening to do so much work in highlighting and writing this and that just to lose it to the fallapart syndrome the next year. Currently Have the Macarthur study bible NKJV Revised & updated edition which is great except for the poor binding. Don't mind the better price for a well bound bible. Help!

Alonna Smith

I've been looking high and low for the Bible that is reviewed on the blog post above - the KJV Nelson Signature series slimline in black. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where this Bible could be purchased? I'm hoping for one that is printed in Europe. I'm really hoping someone can help with some advice!

Bruce Wolz

I purchased a Nelson Signature NKJV about two years ago. I paid around $100.00 I was shocked at the poor quality of this Bible. The leather was stretched in a spot that produced unsightly wrinkles. The paper was poor quality, and the pages were not fully inserted into the leather jacket. Within two months of use the gold gilding on the pages began to peel off. From what Mark and others have been saying, I must have picked up a lemon! Since then I have stayed away from Nelson products.



I have three of the. signature Bibles and have had no issues with any of them. One I have carried in my truck for years. It's still all together and the binding has held up. The silm line has been carried all over the country.
If I had a problem I would have contacted Thomas Nelson. I first got to know them when I was pastor of my first church. I suggest if you have a Signature Bible and have issues, call them. They have a life time warranty on these bibles. I'm sure they will resolve your problems.
I would suggest that everyone look into the publisher history and the type of bibles they publish. Some of these so called Bible publishers will publish any translation it seem to make a buck, even though they promised not too (example the sexless bible by Z that take God the Father out of the bible. So God is no longer a he.). When you see these types of bibles, note the publisher and do not buy anything they publish.


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