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February 19, 2008



I've been looking for a copy of the Message that wasn't too flashy and this one seems to fit the bill. I'll look for it next time I'm in the bookstore.



Considering the price point, would it be fair to ask just where this Bible was produced? Methinks it's not the US. Asia?

Inquiring minds want to know.

J. Mark Bertrand

Dan -- According to the package, it was printed in Japan.


Twenty bucks? Amazon is showing this edition now at $39.99. There are some from other Amazon vendors as low as $19.99 in a broken box, and some as high as $65!

J. Mark Bertrand

Mine was one of the $19.99 ones, and while there was a little damage to the box, there was none to the Bible itself.


Wow. Japan. That's not the country I would've thought. I was thinking along the lines of Singapore. Printing in Japan used to be cheap a long time ago, but now it's upscale in a lot of cases.

Very intriguing.


I bought a copy of the “genuine leather” edition on special a few months back - it was so nice I couldn't resist buying a copy for 'reference' purposes in my Bible collection. I love the cream-colored paper & the text layout. It's extremely supple & easily performs those fancy 'yoga moves' I see on this blog - in fact it's one of the nicest Bibles I own. I haven't had the priveledge of owning a Cambridge (yet) but have heard that they're ridiculously supple which was my first impression the moment I pulled this edition out of it's protective cover in the store. I don't particularly like "The Message", however this edition JUST FEELS RIGHT & is a pleasure not only to handle but read, so much so I've started to read it with a new appreciation. It sets a great example to the rest of the 'publishing' pack…


I also have the "genuine leather" edition. I can honestly say this: as an entire package (excluding translation -- or paraphrase I should say), it is the best all around Bible I own. The leather is amazingly supple, it is single-column, paragraphed, nice pages, perfect size, and, as stupid as this may sound, it just holds good in your hands. I compare this against numerous Bibles I own including a Highland Goat ESV from Allen, NKJV Thinline Signature from Nelson, cordovan calf ESV from Crossway, NIV Highland Goat from Allen, calfskin NASB from Lockman, KJV/ERV interlinear goatskin from Cambridge, a goatskin re-bound NRSV from Mechling, and at least 5 other high-quality Bibles. This Bible feels the best all around and is single column. I think if Navpress had printed this same Bible in RSV, NRSV, or ESV, I would have concluded my Bible purchases . . . . . or maybe not. anyway, just wanted to weigh in on the genuine leather edition.

Mike Linder

A little more detail on the manufacturing of The Message Numbered Edition Personal Size.
It is printed in Japan and then sent to Hong Kong for binding. New Life League is the printer and they can be counted on for excellent work.

However, I will admit that the brown distressed leather-look material is a bit of a compromise. As the publisher, we wanted the look that the material we are using conveys but it is only available from a source that can not seem to keep the material finish consistent from batch to batch no matter how many times we send it back when it deviates from the look we want. As a result you will find a lot of variation from bible to bible. Some have the perfect finish and some end up too slick with too much shine. The good news is that they all have the excellent craftsmanship in printing and binding that New Life League consistently delivers.

alexander boone

I want a good geneva study bible and commentary based on the geneva bible.
I am strapped for funds and I need to know if there's a financial fund for bible students that can't raise the funds to make purchases.
Alexander Boone the 1st
220 s pavilion av 5
Riverside, nj 08075
[email protected]


I think Navpress prices are going up. I had trouble finding a TruTone binding on a Message for under $30! But I wanted a full 6x9 size, not the personal size. It opens and flexes beautifully, but the font is a bit smaller and lighter than my old 1st edition Message in blue hardcover and considerably harder to read so I gave it to my daughter. The 1st edition is still my favorite; the lack of verse numbers is a big plus to me. I used to avoid it because the text ran into the center gutter quite a bit but, even though just a glued binding, it really loosened up with some heavy-handed creasing, working from the outside to the middle 50 pages or so at a time.

Luke @ Adult Trikes

I'm researching the different Bible software programs that are available, and am looking for input from anyone that has used Bible soft, Logos, Nelson, Parsons, or other programs.

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