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March 05, 2008


matt morales

Beautiful!!! A must have IMO for those that use the NIV.

When I purchase the ESV highland goatskin editions they come to about $175 US dollars...so a similiar edition for $100 is HUGE savings in my mind.

matt blair

Compliments on your photography mark...very well done. :)

Jeff Brewer

I'd love to purchase this bold print reference NIV! How may I obtain one? To whom do I pay?
Jeff Brewer

Michael Swoveland

Wow, I really like those blue ribbons!

J. Mark Bertrand

Jeff -- Just click on the link in the first paragraph, which will take you to the Allan's site, Bibles-Direct.com.

Jeff Brewer

I tried the link in the first paragraph a few times, but only got: "Page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable." Is there another link to bibles-direct.com?
Jeff Brewer


Just copy www.bibles-direct.com into the URL bar.

Isaac Curtis Johnson

I have wondered about the Bold Type NIV on the Allen's Site for a while. I could only imagine as to how imperfect 3mm would look. Thanks to the pictures, I can see that the Bible is really beautiful! At 100 dollars, this is a great buy! I just hate that I don't use the NIV; but I could see myself getting it as a gift for someone that uses the NIV as their translation of choice.

The goatskin looks so great in the photos, I can just tell that it feels amazing! I just wish that my Wide-Margin NASB from Cambridge had those blue ribbons; they look more classy than black in my opinion. When it comes to getting this Bible as a gift to someone, I am not worried about the Bibles selling out; I am worried about our worthless dollar going down in value to the point that 50 pounds = 150 dollars.

Michael Smith

Sometime I have trouble getting into the Bible-direct site also, in fact last night, even after I ordetred the NIV Bible yesterday. MIchael Smith


I actually ordered this exact bible from Allan's last month and have had it for about two weeks now. Mine looks almost exactly identical except for one thing. The red art coloring under the gilt is extremely light on the outside edge, but very dark on the top and bottom edges. Judging by the pictures here, the one you have posted Mark is darker on the the outside edge (the one that is 3mm short). I haven't decided whether to try getting another copy of it or just to keep it. It is by far the nicest bible I own and the quality is absolutely impressive. I guess my concern is whether it will look funny after months of use when the gilt has worn off and the red dye is unevenly distributed. I was kind of assuming that part of the imperfection in this cheaper offering included the red dye, but judging from your pictures it seems that it is not the case. Maybe I'll send them another email...


Actually looking at the second to last photo, you can see what I'm talking about somewhat. The color looks richer along the bottom and lighter along the outside edge. Re-reading my comment you might get the impression that I'm not happy with it. It is truly a well crafted piece of art and the layout, leather quality, ribbons, everything is just fantastic so don't let me discourage you. I can attest that the binding is extremely flexible and lays perfectly flat. Also the type is large, very easy to read, and printed on good quality, thin paper. I suppose I am being overly analytical of an imperfect bible, but then $100 is still a lot of money no matter how you swing it. The catalog which I received with this bible also listed it being available with a brown cover, so you might be interested in that. Anyways, sorry for the double posting but I thought I'd pitch in my experience with this bible.


There's no question that this edition has it's imperfections with the marginal variation etc - but don't let it's 'faults' put you off, it's a WINNER & has the most luxurious leather-lined binding that I've seen to date (I'm 'hooked' - imperfections & all)! It feels perfect in the hand, flops back & forth from book to book almost automatically & just oozes luxury! I just hope that Allan's brings forth another leather-lined edition of this in the future without the 'slight imperfections', however, having used mine now for several months, (in hindsight) it's not a 'risk' I'd want to take! If you like the NIV grab one while you can... Why can't ALL Bibles feel this good?


I came across this blog a few months ago while researching the Allan ESV, and have been reading with interest ever since. Thank you Mark for all your very helpful information and commentary, and thanks to everyone else for your interesting input as well. My first Allan's Bible, bought last month, is the KJV Longprimer in highland goatskin; this is the most beautiful Bible I have ever been blessed to hold.

I was actually considering between the Bold Type NIV and the larger NIV with the concordance, then you posted this review; it pushed me over the edge and I placed the order. (When I then saw you were going to review the brown NIV in a few days I was afraid I would regret being so hasty!) However, it arrived today and I am more than pleased. The goatskin is just as lovely and soft as my Longprimer, although the yapp edge is slightly less extensive on the NIV. The red-under gold edges are luxurious. I don't see the problem with the red dye that Nathan mentioned above; mine is beautiful. The type is very comfortable to read. I agree with everything in the above review. The narrow margins are there on some of the pages but not all, and where there is a narrow outer edge the inner margin is wider; for the price this is not objectionable to me. Most of the pages look fine. This is a beautiful Bible, grab it while you can! You won't be sorry.

(Sigh) After your review of the brown calfskin NIV I will probably eventually get that as well, and I still don't have the ESV which started all this... By the time I had decided on the tan they were out of stock; just as well since I prefer having the updated text even though I didn't want to wait until summer.

Anyway, thanks again and I will continue to read with interest.


I've looked at the various Allan's photos here again and compared them with my NIV. There really isn't a whole lot of difference in the red edging, and the margin issue is negligible really. I must have just been in a bad mood when I commented last week, as I love this bible. The hardest part about owning it is wanting another one, the upcoming ESV, man... Shame the exchange rate isn't better :)

Rod Summers

Ordered this one this past weekend. It will be my first Allan experience. Unfortunately looks like it won't be here in time for Easter, but I am eagerly watching my mailbox every day!! My stack is rising thanks to Mark. (Uh... my wife also says "thanks alot." :))


Got my FIRST Allan today which is the NIV Bold Print Reference Edition (the imperfect one). Wow! While the binding and cover material is extraordinary, I am so impressed with the paper and print. I sat mesmerized by it for an hour. It took two weeks to get here (and every day was long waiting for the mail to come) but now it's home...and in my hand it just feels like home. Thanks, Mark. Without you I would have never known this joy.

Steve Lockhart

Well I just "pulled the trigger " on this bible. I couldn't pass on it at that price and I never would have noticed the supposed flaw if I hadn't had it pointed out to me. I swear though that I'm not buying any more bibles...until Allan re-releases the ESV In Tan this June. So apart from my cheap bibles I know own:

An In Touch Ministries Calfskin NASB

A Cambridge Pitt Minion

A Cambridge Presentation KJV

An R.L. Allan Longprimer KJV

and now, an R.L. Allan Bold Print Reference.

I think I may have a problem. :0

Nathan Stitt

My next bible purchase will probably be the new tan ESV from Allan as well. I think I read it is going to have a third ribbon marker. That means THREE!

Steve Lockhart

Well I just received my mine today. For reference it took 9 days to get my KJV Long Primer from the Old Country (I'm Scottish) to BC Canada and 16 days to get my NIV Bold Type. I'd say 16 is acceptable. The bible is everything that Mark says it is; I just want to make two points. First, not all the margins are 3mm under, sometimes they are obviously under and sometimes they're not. Second, for a company that pays so much attention to detail I wonder why they insist on just tossing the ribbons into the bible for shipping so that when I open the bible the Ribbons are all creased. I'm tempted to get the iron out but I'm afraid what that might say about me :P. "Hey Steve watcha doin'?" " Oh, I'm just ironing my bible ribbons." "mmmmmkay, good luck with that." Anyway you can add me to the list of people who wholly recommend this bible at the price.


Steve - - I had that same thought & idea too! Never got round to ironing them though after the wife made a remark + I feared I'd might ruin them. Seems like all publishers do this but perhgaps we're just too fussy?

Concerning Allans delivery times, man I've never seen anything delivered so fast. My orders get to AUSTRALIA in 4-5 days - seriousy!!! Now that's service for you :)


Don't laugh, I did iron them with no problems. Just don't put the iron directly on the ribbons (I ironed them under a white cotton handkerchief), use a low temperature and don't use steam!

matt morales

I iron ALL my bible ribbons. Although I go with direct contact with the iron (no problems yet) - on high heat. But better safe than sorry. NO shame in ironing.

Rod Summers

I had my wife iron my NIV bold reference ribbons. Cool iron and direct. Much better. I am still amazed there are some out there who have the same feelings and thoughts as I do. Mark- thanks for the blog and the ability for a community to share such things. My Allan's NIV is really beginning to soften up and mold to my hand. The semi-yapp edges are becoming more pronounced and I just feel the need to hold it about every day. I still am impressed with the print and paper. What a blessing. I still think a worldwide conference in Glasgow would be a spring board to bigger and better things. :)

Nathan Stitt

I've been afraid to iron my ribbons but I think I will give it a shot indirectly on low heat.


Is there a KJV Available with the same text layout. I love the Bold refs and the dotted line.

Josh Phillips

Lord, please help me not come back here again. For my wife's sake? For my marriage sake? For your glory? I can't stop. I can't stop coveting. I can't stop buying bibles. President Bush's tax relief? Bibles. All for BIBLES.

Pastor Ron Parish

For any of you who have been visiting R.L. Allan's site longer than me, do you know if there is ever a similar situation with KJV Bibles? That Turquoise edition really strikes my fancy, but at the price they're asking for it, this pastor probably won't be getting one anytime soon. I know what you're thinking, "where's your faith?"

I could save quite a bit of money just getting the Cambridge version, which is the Presentation model, but...

BTW, the Allan's Bold Print Reference Edition (NIV) sited in this blog really does look nice, but I don't use that version. Thank you, Mark, for sharing your findings with us.

Pastor Ron


Pastor Ron, I believe the Turquoise editions that RL Allan is selling actually are the Cambridge Presentation editions. Just compare the Bibles Direct product codes with the Cambridge item #s. The editions with RL Allan special bindings have * in front of the product code.

Pastor Ron Parish

@Kathy: You are correct. Nicholas Gray from Allan's suggested that particular Bible to me after letting him know my need for larger print. Whew! That's an expensive Bible. It would be wonderful to get one of them at a reduced price like the ones mentioned in this blog article.

Pastor Ron

Jesus Saenz

I ordered my NIV at the beginning of the week! Not long before it's in my hot little hand.

If you iron your Bible ribbons, you REALLY need help... send me all your calfskin and goatskin Bibles until you learn your lesson. ;-)


This is a test message. The "Recent Comments" listed on the right of the web page are not showing up on this article's commentary section. (I see where Jesus, Ron Parish, Kathy, and Josh have recently commented but it doesn't show up here.) I've seen this before. Looks like I've got a glitch or there is a limit of some kind. Anyone else having this problem?


Rod - I've seen it from time to time too - script gets confused or something - try HOLDING the CTRL KEY down WHILST pressing the REFRESH BUTTON in the Browser next to the address bar. You can also HOLD CTRL & Press the F5 BUTTON (does same thing) causes the Internet Explorer to reload everything fresh for that page from the website as opposed to reloading what's already showing on a page with errors etc from the Tempory Files Folder. Works for me!

Pastor Ron Parish

@Rod: Try navigating down to the bottom of the article you want to look at. You will see a small arrow at the center of the page; you should click on that and find the current posts such as the ones you referenced to.

Just a thought, if you're running M$, then you probably do have a glitch in your system! I found it too hard to resist.

Hope you find the posts you're looking for. Seems to me, though, you won't find this post without getting on to page two.

Pastor Ron


Thanks for the help. Mark also sent me an email pointing me to that small arrow in the center past the last comment. That did it. "Bible Design and Binding" - what a great idea and blog! What a blessing!

Kyle Hedrick


This is a special request: please get a new camera. I would like to see all of these photos done in a Kodak Instamatic circa 1970 with the revolving flashcube. Once the photos have been printed, run color copies at the local Kinkos. Then scan the color copies into your computer and use them on all subsequent blog posts. My daughter is hoping to go to college this fall but, unfortunately, her college of choice no longer accepts goatskin as legal tender.

I already own a highland goatskin Allan NIV (not to mention the ESV and, as of last week, the NRSV). Unfortunately, after looking at your hi-res images over and over and over and over, I realized that none of my Allan Bibles were bold print! I have also been feeling somewhat guilty in my refusal to help this poor publisher out of such an egregious printing error. Unable to cope with the stress of missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime sale, coupled with the seemingly insurmountable guilt from which I was suffering, I ordered mine today. It will be so nice to sit and read this bold print edition -- side by side with my daughter -- as she attends the local community college. I look forward to the Instamatic photos on the remainder of all of your amazing blog posts. Thanks for your help.



While I have not been a big NIV reader in the past, this Bible alone makes me want an NIV Bible. I could teach and preach from this edition simply because of its beauty.

Kyle Hedrick

Received mine today. Worth every penny! Of the 4 Allans I now own, this is my favorite. This will be my last Allans until they do a single column, paragraphed in the ESV or NRSV. Well, this will probably be my last until that time. Although I do not currently own a brown one. Or a tan one.

Winston Waldemayer III

I received this bible the other day. So glad I stumbled upon Mark's review of it when I did. This bible is fantastic. It looks just like the pics Mark put up. The gilt and red under edges are perfect. No imperfections at all other than the slight margin issue. Again the 3mm imperfection does not bother me at all. I notice it in the front (as Mark mentions) where the translation history is noted. Text is so close to the edge there that it does bother me but in the actual biblical text you never notice. Wow! Glad I picked this one up. Another to add to my small stack. 1 Cambridge Concord calfskin, 1 Cambridge Concord goatskin, 1 ESV journaling in premium calfskin, and now this Allan's NIV in highland goatskin. In my opinion, I like this Allan bible better than the other three!!


Excellent product. Mine came last week and it is superb! Great price too!

Ben Ting

Got mine today. Beautiful GEM! The cover looks & "behaves" quite differently than my goatskin Longprimer. One thing I noted, the outside spine would crease up with a line running from top to bottom when the Bible is opened. This is especially obvious when the Bible is opened from the NT section onwards. Mr Gray from Allan did tell me it should be fine. Anyone has a similar experience?


@ Ben,

I've handled 6 of these (kept a couple & sold the others to family members) but haven't seen THAT issue on ANY of them, although as stated by others on this blog each skin IS unique. I have seen it though on a Foundation Publications Large Print Reference NASB in (Genuine Leather) ‘imitation cardboard’ & found it extremely annoying; eventually I asked Amazon.com for a replacement which turned was much better. Hope it sorts itself out for you :)

Edward Lyons

I just bought my first Allan ESV................................... speechless but tomorrow i am going into the worshop to buy the bold print NIV! I am from Glasgow and only just discovreed this thanks to this web page.... The info is fab the Bibles are even better and the attention to detail is perfect!

Martin Han

I'm so sad! I was waiting for my birthday in August for the funds to get my first Allan's, and this was going to fit the bill perfectly. But they just sold out! Stuart, or anyone else who has extras, if you think of letting one go, I'd be so grateful if you let me buy it from you. Please let me know at mhbills1@mac.com. I guess if no one responds, I'll have to wait until Christmas to get the ESV. =(


@ Martin,

I sent you an email re: your request - hoping that answers your question.

To those like Martin who missed out on this 'gem', why not contact / petition Allan's regarding the edition; I imagine that if Allan's can move a 'short run' of these WITH the 'slight imperfections' they'd have no problems moving a bunch of them WITHOUT the 'slight imperfections', look at how many of us bought them just the way they are! If anyone stumbles across info of that nature pass it on via this blog as there'll no doubt be more of us willing to purchase something like that (sounds like a win-win scenario to me).

Nathan Stitt

I had wondered how long it would be before they sold out. Probably would have been a few more years if not for Mark's article. I've been very pleased with my copy, and am thinking of getting the new ESV or perhaps NRSV next.


I purchased this after reading the review and I am thrilled with it. This may even become my favorite bible. I find myself reaching for it more and more often. Thanks for the review.


I was asked off line to compare my new Allans Bold Print NIV to the Cambridge Single Column NIV and I thought I would also share some of those thoughts here with you:

I love the Cambridge NIV single column for a certain kind of reading. But it just hasn’t grabbed me the way the Allans Bold has. I am finding that I prefer the Allans Bold print to any other bible in my collection. And the more I use it the more I like it. The print is just very slightly smaller than that in the Cambridge single column, but it is darker (not too much) and the pages are more opaque, so it just reads beautifully. The “bold” is very subtle. I would not have described it as bold if that weren’t printed on the box. But it definitely makes for a more readable font, on what (for me) might otherwise be too small a print. Somehow with this “bold” font it doesn’t seem as small as it is. And the text layout with the cross references in a broken-line, separated, center column is just real neat and tidy. One of the reasons I was so interested in that Cambridge NIV Single Column Text only, was because I wanted to enjoy reading without such a busy page. But because of this great font, and tidy set up the Allans actually reads more comfortably than any cross ref version I have. The paper is more opaque than the single column, and is of a high quality. There is absolutely no sense of bleed-through or ghosting. It is very easy on the eyes.

The one I have is the regular goatskin, and it just feels great in my hand. This is the first semi-yapp I have purchased and I love it. I feel like it gives the paper edges some protection. Mine has a very a precise and consistent fold. Of course I have not packed it around much yet, I suppose it could get messier with more abuse.
All-in-all I'd have to say this is my new favorite.

The folks on this blog are absolutely right about the Allans bibles. Just a cut above anything else out there. I am definately goint to get that new Allans ESV1 when it comes out.
Thanks to this blog I am poorer but happier man!

Anthony Miller

Mine arrived today and I am very pleased. The latest version is in mid-grade goatskin, a slightly stiffer glossy finish leather but still quite nice. I admit I am a bit spoiled now by editions that melt in my hands but this will still do the job. I am starting to get used to this larger sized bible after reading through my ESV the past few weeks and this is very similar in size. The bold print is very easy to read and for me bibles of this size are great for late evening reading when my eyes are a bit tired. The NIV is a bit new to me as I like tradition so older translations with their old style English feel right to me but this and the ESV make for easy reading.

This version is still listed on Allans' website but EVBible mentions only a few left and a few on the way and then it goes out of print. Many I am sure will wait for the larger edition with concordance but the print size makes this a winner.


I love this bible so much I bought two more from Allans this weekend as gifts.
Of all my bibles, which includes the new ESV1T, and several Cambridge editions - THIS is my favorite. The best text block for my tastes. I only wish the ESV1 would have been printed in this format, on this paper, and with this font.

Anthony Miller

I used mine all weekend working through the NT and found it very easy to read with a nice paper. Not too transparent and with a good feel to the fingers. I do wish mine was Highland Goat as it is a good bit stiifer than my ESV or Allans Ruby but a great edition just the same.
Allans has the NRSV available now in the same mid-grade goat. I want to pull the trigger on it but wish it was Highland instead. Not being that popular a translation I doubt we will see it in another binding any time soon though. I picked up a Cambridge NRSV off of eBay this weekend in black calfskin so maybe that will give me what I need. Not being my main translation I am hoping just one edition will hold me.


You know, I think I have come to the conclusion that I prefer the slightly stiffer goatskin. I definately prefer the highland goatskin of the ESV1 to any calfskin I own. And I think I actually like the even stiffer goatskin of the NIVB to the highland of the ESV1. I know on this blog that makes me something of a heretic, but there is such a thing as too fluid for my tastes. (My wife disagrees with me - she will pick up the softest, most fluid edition every time.)


Hi Allan Enthusiasts:

We have a total of 5 NIVB2's left in stock. Once these are purchased, they will be permanently out of stock. These are truly excellent Bibles...we believe with the best type face yet.


J. Mark Bertrand

I'll second what Paul said. If you use the NIV and haven't picked one of these up, you really should. It's the best double-column text setting I've ever come across -- very readable and elegant. The pictures here tell the story.

David from Ireland

"You know, I think I have come to the conclusion that I prefer the slightly stiffer goatskin."

I must agree with David Thompson on this. I had the Joy of being able to compare the Long Primer #59 Highland Goatskin with the #53 Mid Grain goatskin. And after about 5 visits to feel both I had to decide that I preferred the Mid grain goatskin for the bible.

Binding heresy? or perhaps not mature enough to appreiate full yapp and highland goatskin. You decide.

Rod Summers

Amen and amen to this BR NIV having the best type and setting. I use ESV and NIV equally. I bought three of the new ESVs from Allan's but I find that the BR NIV is just superior in print. I'm a little tired of the ESV font which mimics most of the US versions. I am ready for the Pitt Minion just to have something different in the ESV. How does the NIV BR compare to the NIV Cross Reference version from Allan's? Considering getting a copy of the Brown goatskin coming out soon.


I just ordered my NIV Bold print in Goatskin leather, not the Highland that was reviewed here so I hope it is a good one. For some reason this NIV only comes with one ribbon marker not 2 as with the Highland Goatskin. I had to order it from Evangelical.com since Allan's was all out. There are only 2 left at the place I ordered from as of today. I still want to see what the New NIV in dark brown Highland Goatskin looks like.


I just received my Allan's NIVB2 Goatskin Bible from Evangelicalbible.com today. It was one of the last 3 left with no more being printed using this type set. This Goatskin leather is not as soft as my Cambridge KJV Wide-Margin Goatskin. This is much stiffer. I am wondering how long it will take to soften up? I want to see what the new Allan's NIV Dark Highland Goatskin look like when they come out in December.
Might just trade this one in for the softer one if the type set is good. Does anyone else have this NIV with the regular Goatskin, it is also called Mid-Grain Goatskin. I also can't wait to get my KJV Longprimer in Highland Goatskin in December.

Anthony Miller

I have this same one myself. I do wish it was a soft as the highland but it is such a nice, easy reading volume I can live with the stiffness for now. I may try the brown highland when it comes out and then decide if I need to keep both or sell one.
I'm more of a KJv or NASB guy but do enjoy having at least one copy of other popular translations.

mike smith

I also have the edition (cross reference) in this leather. As I use it is being less stiff each week.



I do most of my Bible study using the KJV. I also love the NASB. I purchased the NIV because that is the one our Pastor
uses to preach from. My Wife has a ESV Heirloom Calfskin Edition from Crossway. I will probably get an ESV 1 in Highland
Goatskin after my Longprimer gets here and I get to see how soft the Highland Goatskin is.

Anthony Miller

I am getting a Longprimer as well. I have Allans Crystal, Ruby and Blackface and the larger edition will be the next step for use at home only.
I have a spare ESV in Tan Highland from the latest printing if anyone is interested. I just like the black bibles better.


Allan's had already run out of the Bold Print NIV when I wanted mine so I had to get it from Evangelical.com which did charge me more for my NIV in Mid-Grain than my Longprimer in Highland Goatskin. The Mid-Grain Goatskin is much thicker than the Highland but the feel is great. It feels like this Bible will last 100 plus years at least. The Bold Print is just fantastic. I LOVE this Bible. I had to return my Longprimer it only had 1 ribbon instead of the two they now come with and the red guilding ran onto the page too much for my liking and Allan's is going to Fed-Ex me another and I will get it overnight. What else great can I say about this company. I want to see what the new NIV in the Dark Brown Chocolate Highland Goatskin looks like. I hope they get one to Mark ASAP!!


I wish all the Allan's Bibles used the exact same BOLD print and paper as this NIV does. It is so easy on the eyes to read. I have put some leather conditioner on mine and did some Bible yoga and it is softening up quite a bit and it's only been about two weeks now.


I have an older copy of the Allan NIV bold print, it is in Kid Goatskin and is the softest and most beautiful bible I have ever owned. For a double column setting, I've seen no finer edition.


Just found this on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280314258289

It looks black in the picture but is described as brown, I had a look at the old Allans site record on archive.org in 2002 - http://web.archive.org/web/20020329091423/http://www.bibles-direct.com/category.phtml?Category=39.

I think it is the Brown Kid goatskin edition. Mine is black but I wouldn't mind a look at the brown in real life...

Rod Summers

I was blessed to spend a week in England last week. While there, I visited Cambridge and went to the Cambridge Press bookshop. I discovered that the new NIV Wide Margin by Cambridge is the same layout as the NIV Bold Reference formerly bound by Allan's. I have the Allan's and absolutely love the font and darkness of the print (and that goatskin) as others have also discussed on earlier posts. If you desire to have a WM edition of this layout, you can buy the hardback and have it rebound. I think the French Morrocco version will be coming out from Cambridge shortly.


Rod is speaking of the anglicised version, which has a different layout than the Cambridge wide margin NIV released in the US, and I agree with his assessment. I bought and returned two of the US NIV wide margins for quality reasons, then I found one of the editions described above in calfskin. This is the nicest Cambridge Bible I have seen; the quality is far superior to any wide margin I have seen marketed in the US. The paper is nicer, smooth and opaque and the print, 8/9 pt vs 7.5/8 pt in the US edition, is much more readable. I prefer this edition over the US releases. It has the same pagination as both the RL Allan bold print reference and the Cambridge NIV pocket reference editions.

Tom B.

Does anyone know where I can buy this bible in black highland goatskin?

Mike smith

Tom while it not being published by Allan as of this time. You might look at Ebay and keep looking at this site some are selling older versions once in a while.

Hans Andewrsen

Are there any Allan Bold Print Reference Bibles available? My eye sight is not so good and I need a clear black print 10 pt if possible.

Alan Craig

I have just listed a number of Bold Print reference edition on Amazon.co.uk including Black and Brown Kidskins. The black kidskins I got from Dave Farlow and pictures are on this site. I am clearing my NIVs in preparaton for an expensive autumn...ESV reader's Editions just for starters!!!! I can't wait!

Alan Craig

Photos of the NIV Bold Print Reference Bibles have been added to Amazon.co.uk and are also available on request. One Bible has already sold so be quick!

Matt Morales

Alan - do you have a web link to the NIVs?

Alan Craig

Matt - Sorry should have done that. Here they are:-


And a Cambridge Celebration NIV (Leather lined Goatskin):-

Not all the images are showing yet but they should be there soon. Let me know if you would like other photos!

David Farlow

I sold these to Alan Craig and I just wanted to recommend these bibles to any NIV fans out there - they are a superb edition, built to last, and the smell of the leather on these editions is almost addictive...

Alan Craig

I have listed on Ebay a R.L. Allan's Bold Print Reference Bible in Black Kidskin:-

and a very rare R.L.Allan's Slimline Bold Print Reference Bible in Cantara Goatskin:-

Both are only on 3 day auctions so you will need to hurray!

Alan Craig

I have now listed a veritable plethora of rare and unusual NIVs on Ebay, including the Cambridge Leather Lined Celebration Text Bible, a Hodder and Stoughton Russet Calfskin Thompson Chain Reference, some R.L.Allan's Bold Print Reference Bibles in Black and Brown Kidskin, a Hodder and Stoughton Pocket NIV Textbible in Black Calfskin and a Zip and the NIV Study Bible in Black Goatskin. Check out my items for sale on:- http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/craigchambers211_W0QQ_nkwZQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZ

If you want to e-mail me and make an offer on any of them then please do through my Ebay shop...I am very open and friendly and want these to go to a good home!

Tiffany Ethridge

I am looking for this Bible (I think it is called the NIVB1 version), in either color leather for my Mother. She's a devout reader of the Word but has never owned a really nice Bible in her 65 years; there is no better gift I can imagine giving her. I know these are incredibly hard to find now, as I have looked myself for quite some time. If anyone can help me find one in time for Christmas, I would be forever grateful.

If anyone can help, let me know on here and I will send you my email.

Thank you so much


Tiffany, in nice bindings of the NIV version, there's an Allan NIVC1 available in black or brown Highland Goatskin for ~$165 or an Allan NIVC3 available in black or brown goatskin for ~$85. These are conventional 2-column layouts with center-column references. There's also a single-column text version (featuring larger print) available from Cambridge/Baker in either a black goatskin (NI696TH)or a fairly nice black bonded leather (NIV172). They go for $135 and $55 respectively on Amazon. If it's a gift for your Mom, instead of buying used from someone on this blog, I'd recommend buying new from Evangelical Bible for the Allans or direct from Amazon (or one of their sellers) for the Cambridges. Good luck.

Tiffany Ethridge

Bill, I agree new is nicest, but I am very much interested in the lovely and very readable Bold print font of this Bible. It is easier for my mother. Also, the shorter, thicker Bible is more to her liking, though I personally have no preference. The NIVC1 and NIVC3 are both gorgeous and I would love a copy of either for myself. But the readability/ease on the eyes of this one is really perfect for my mother who's getting up in her years.


Tiffany, note ONLY the reference headings in the center columns are bold in the edition above, NOT the text itself. That's what's meant by Bold Reference. (Judging from evangelicalbible.com's picassa images, the NIVC1 may actually have clearer type, although that could largely be a function of the paper quality.) And if readability of the text is the prime concern, you probably can't beat the larger font in the single-column Cambridge/Baker models, although your mom may find it not "traditional" enough.

I think the selection comes down to how much your mom uses references. If a LOT, this bold verse references can save some milliseconds each time you use it, and your quest should continue. If she just reads the text, e.g. via a daily reading plan, go with the Cambridge and hope she likes the layout as much as Mark and I. If she moderately uses references, the other Allens should be fine and can hopefully still be had in time for Christmas, although there's always Epiphany!

Either way, she'll have an heirloom quality Bible that will be around for generations. And I'd say she's lucky to have such a good, caring daughter.

Tom Baylerian

Does anyone know where I can buy Allan's NIV Bold Print Reference Edition bible in black highland goatskin or just goatskin?
Thanks so much. I have been lookiing for it for several years.

John S

Tom, I would like to get one of those as well. I even checked to see if I could find the text block in any binding for a rebind and couldn't find it.


I have one of these bibles for sell if anyone is interested. I bought this bible as soon as I read this blog post back in 2008. I haven't used the bible, its just remained in the box. I hate for such a beautiful edition to just sit in the box. If anyone is interested, send me an email at jrodman@me.com


I'm interested in the NIV, but my email bounced back, is your email above correct?


I'm not sure why that email isn't working. Try justinrodman@me.com


I wouldn't mind owning the bible, but the gentleman below appears to need this bible more than me, especially since it is for his father, he had asked over a month ago if anyone had a copy and he may still need it. If he's no longer interested then I am. As far as I know he didn't leave an email but someone may be able to get a message to him. ???

Hello! I am looking to buy an Allen NIV Bold Print Reference Edition. EvangelicalBible is out of stock and they won't be available until sometime this summer. Unfortunately, I was hoping to get one for my father for Father's Day (June 16.) If anyone has a like-new in box Bible with no markings that they'd like to sell, please let me know. I'm happy to pay a small premium over the new price. Thanks! ~TM

Posted by: Ted M. | April 24, 2013 at 10:06 Am

Ted M.

Thanks, Norm. That was me who asked about the NIV Bold Print Bible. I just sent off an e-mail to Rodman.

Ted M.

I ended up NOT purchasing the Bible from Rodman, so I assume that it is still for sale.


I just wanted to say that I ended up purchasing two bibles from Justin and both arrived very quickly and in excellent condition. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchases. Just in case your interested, during our last communication Justin mentioned that he still had a NASB Cambridge Wide Margin up for sale.
Thanks Justin and Thank You Ted.

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