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  • J. Mark Bertrand is the author of Back on Murder, Pattern of Wounds, and the forthcoming Nothing to Hide, crime novels featuring Houston homicide detective Roland March. He has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Houston and lived in the city for fifteen years. After one hurricane too many, he and his wife moved to South Dakota. Mark has been arrested for a crime he didn't commit, was the foreman of a hung jury in Houston, and after relocating served on the jury that acquitted Vinnie Jones of assault. In 1972, he won an honorable mention in a child modeling contest, but pursued writing instead.

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December 06, 2007


chip responds

But...don't you think he's imposing one particular view of the novel onto everyone's writing, Mark? I think he's interesting, but I think he has a tendency to skip over or criticize anything that doesn't fit his pre-set conditions. Just a thought. -Melvin P Hickenlooper

J. Mark Bertrand

You're right on all counts, Chip. I like the fact that he's got a fixed idea and pursues it to the brink of nuisance. That's what keeps him from being a mere hatchet-man. For the record, I don't think the Emperor is naked, or even in danger of catching a chill, but Myers reminds us that universal praise isn't always the bedrock indicator of quality that it ought to be.

Nathan Knapp

You know Mark, the contrast between your Re:Thinking Worldview page and really show the different tones of your writing styles. On one hand we have Mark, the affable thinker, on one hand, eager to discuss ideas; and then we have Mark#2, whose brow is heavy with thoughts of the human condition, ready to present the crime and bring the reader to a startling conclusion.

Nathan Knapp

*between the Re:Thinking page and this one*

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